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shallowgaudy [userpic]

FIC: To the End (1/1, apocafic, vala/daniel, T)

18th February 2012 (16:55)

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Title – To the End
Author – shallowgaudy
Rating – FRT/T

Warnings – Nothing explicit (mostly mentions of past events), but: major character death(s), stillbirth, burning someone alive. APOCAFIC – SUCCESSFUL ORI INVASION. FILLED WITH ORI LIES AND PROPAGANDA. Also kidfic. Angst, angst and more angst.

Summary – Which is how Vala ended up at the arse-end of the Pegasus Galaxy tied to an Ara for two days, expecting to be burned to death in the morning. And she wasn’t even a thrice-damned Tau’ri…

Relevant details below pt.1Collapse )

FIC: To the EndCollapse )

shallowgaudy [userpic]

FIC: If I could have you just once a year (Let it be the longest day)

13th June 2011 (20:29)

current mood: contemplative

Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Padmé/Anakin
Theme set: Beta
Title: If I could have you just once a year (Let it be the longest day)
Rating: FRAO
Warning[s]: This is the mushiest, slushiest piece of smut I have ever written and I am heartily ashamed of myself. Most definitely NSFW.
Disclaimer: I don’t be owning Star Wars. Nor the title, which comes from the song ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ by Opshop.
Notes: Some things you should know:
Written for 1sentence prompts.
Really, truly, disgustingly fluffy. Except #24 and #50, which are inexplicably angsty.

If I could have you just once a year (Let it be the longest day)Collapse )

shallowgaudy [userpic]

FIC: Unexpected (1/1, Martha/Rose, R18)

17th February 2011 (21:13)

current mood: creative

Title: Unexpected
Author: shallowgaudy

Rating: FRAO/R18 Length: ~8,300 Keywords: Femslash, smut, Pete’s World, au-ish Characters: Rose Tyler/Alt!Martha Jones Timeframe: About a year or so after Doomsday and well before Journey’s End.

Summary: Of all the bars on all the worlds...A chance meeting brings more than either side could have ever thought.

Disclaimer: Not mine!
Notes: This was supposed to be a short PWP of the insane hotness created by Martha and Rose. However, it ended up clocking in at 8000+ words and not nearly as quick or as dirty as I thought it would be. It certainly wasn’t meant to be a discussion about sexuality...and for the most part it isn’t, though there aspects of that as well.

This may have also spawned an actual, full length fic, which I need like a hole in the head – especially when you consider the length of this part alone.


UnexpectedCollapse )

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